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State of the art solutions

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Today i started looking for state of art software for sensors integration/monitoring/actuation

I’ve read about Sensorpedia project ( and pachube project (

Sensorpedia and Pachube has the same objective of sharing sensor data by the comunity, but pachube has more features, like support for actuators 🙂



Cheap sensors

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I’m looking  for cheap sensors, specially for chemical.

I’ve found this sensor portal page, and has usefull information about sensors.

Temperature sensor KTY81/210/B

I am continuing to read Tiago thesis, nice ideia for providing usefull content with low cost available technology and free 😀

Today i met with Felipe Santos, and he showed me some available sensors as well told me what they have there.



-monoxide carbon




He told that some sensors were purchased in “figaro sensors”, in the lab they have a nice custom base for sensors built by them. This base has an wireless module transmitter (xbee),  and with their base they can get signal from many sensors by wireless.


First day, first post

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The purpose of this blog is to be a diary of my Master’s dissertation about an solution for middleware sensing in real-time. Before this blog, i’ve read my supervisor emails and all dissertation papers as well checked timelines.
I’m also reading Tiago masters thesis.